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ISA 2023 TASA Aligned Thematic Event

‘Mobile Transitions’: A Symposium on Global Youth, Transnational Mobilities and Transitions to Adulthood

23rd June 2023

Young people aged 18-30 represent the most mobile cohort across the globe. Much of this mobility is encouraged and facilitated by current migration, education and social policy, reflecting the widely accepted view that transnational mobility will provide youth with enhanced life chances and competitive job skills as they transition to adulthood, as well as benefit the community more broadly through an increasingly cosmopolitan and agile workforce. Yet these assumptions have been largely untested, and research and policy have remained narrowly national in focus. This symposium brings together leading and emerging scholars from around the world who are researching transnational youth mobility to share and consolidate findings on the impacts of mobility on young people’s transitions to adulthood with one another as well as with youth mobility stakeholders.

We are delighted to welcome our keynote speaker for the event, Associate Professor Valentina Cuzzocrea
(Università degli studi di Cagliari).

This event is proudly sponsored by:
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