Chief Investigators

Anita HARRIS is a Research Professor in the Alfred Deakin Institute for Citizenship and Globalisation at Deakin University, Melbourne. Anita is a leading expert in critical youth studies, with a particular interest in youth identities and youth cultures; youth, mobility and multiculturalism; young people’s civic lives and citizenship practices; and girlhood studies. She has most recently published on young people and everyday multiculturalism, young people’s urban multicultures, and citizenship among young Muslim Australians.


Loretta BALDASSAR is Professor of Anthropology and Sociology at the University of Western Australia and an Adjunct Principal Research Fellow at Monash University. Loretta is a leading global expert on transnational migrants, families and caregiving, and migration and ICTs. Her scholarship has focused on young migrants through studies of second generations as well as study abroad and intercultural learning. A leading scholar of the Italian diaspora in Australia, she has most recently published an edited collection on Chinese migration to Europe.


Shanthi ROBERTSON is an Associate Professor at the Institute for Culture and Society at Western Sydney University. Shanthi’s research interests centre on migration, transnationalism, citizenship and urban space, particularly the social, cultural and political consequences of contemporary modes of migration governance in the Asia-Pacific. She has most recently published on student-migrants and the education-migration nexus in Australia and is currently completing a three year early career research fellowship (ARC DECRA) on temporality, mobility and young Asian temporary migrants to Australia.

PhD Students

Johanne ELDRIDGE is a first-generation young adult migrant from the United Kingdom, and PhD candidate in Anthropology and Sociology at the University of Western Australia.
Her interdisciplinary research backgrounds in psychology, public health, and sociology/anthropology focus upon identifying the adverse effects of transnational youth mobility (e.g. psychosocial isolation, discrimination, and sense of disconnect); and whether the protective role(s) of social and familial relationships maximize life chances and wellbeing that are crucial to their engagement as positive transnational citizens throughout the life-course.


Giulia MARCHETTI is a PhD candidate in Anthropology and Sociology at the University of Western Australia. Her research project will examine how transnational mobility can impact on identity and youth-to-adulthood transition among young Italians who have moved to Australia and those who have returned to Italy. Giulia’s research interests centre on migration, refugees, racism, women, youth and ageing population in Italy.


Yan WANG is a PhD candidate at the Institute of Culture and Society, Western Sydney University. Her research project will focus on transnational mobility among Australian youth who move to China, and the Chinese young people who move to Australia. Yan is passionate about contributing to the development of theory in relation to migration, youth and ageing population in China, as well as reforms in public policy and social welfare. She has a Masters of Research in Management at Lanzhou University and a Bachelor in Economics at Lanzhou University of Finance and Economics.


Hao ZHENG is a PhD student in the Alfred Deakin Institute for Citizenship and Globalisation at Deakin University. Her research project explores Chinese lesbian students’ transition to adulthood in Australia. She focuses on this particular group’s intersectional identities as lesbians, women, international students and migrants. Hao’s research interests are in the areas of gender and sexuality, intersectionality, Chinese lesbianism and multicultural communities. She completed a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Cultural Studies at the University of Melbourne. Her honours thesis examines Chinese lesbians’ double marginalisation in the digital era. 

Survey Manager

Simon CHAMBERS' research background is in cultural sociology and the application of methodologies which bring together quantitative and qualitative analysis in a complementary manner. A consultant at APRA AMCOS and the Australian Music Centre, he has also worked on a range of ARC projects spanning the dynamics of Australian cultural fields, the value of music exports and the development of personalised recommendation algorithms. His recently submitted PhD examined the notion of distance in the similarity and familiarity of music.

Survey Manager 

Shirin TEJANI brings extensive survey experience to this position, from working as a door-to-door surveyor and managing large-scale state-wide surveys with 100 surveyors and multiple instruments. She is trained in both quantitative and qualitative research, and hopes to apply her training and qualifications towards making a strong contribute to the YMAP project. Her research interests include education policy, economics of education, and behavioural economics.​

Project Officer

Prior to joining the YMAP team, Anna VASSADIS worked as a research assistant and in research administration on a wide range of research projects. She has a PhD in Sociology and is experienced with qualitative research methodologies. Anna’s research interests include ethnicity, ethnic identity and culture, multiculturalism and migration. She also thoroughly enjoys providing technical and operational support for research activity.


This study has received Deakin University ethics approval (reference number: 2017-315). 

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